hog roast Doncaster

Tuesday 13th July 2021. Hog Roast In Doncaster

A teachers thank you was in order at the superb Outwood Academy in Doncaster. Having been booked to serve 150 teachers at 4pm our team arrived at 2pm and quickly had things efficiently set up.

Our Bronze menu was served alongside a vegan BBQ jackfruit, which again was greatly appreciated by the non meat eaters.

The staff were very friendly, passing fantastic comments to the team all through service. It is such a nice feeling knowing the food is being adored.

With the teachers and staff having the hog roast just before their home time, things soon quietened down from the initial rush. Within an hour all 150 staff were served and there was even enough left overs for the caretakers to take platters to the fridge for another day.

Our team left site around 6pm and headed back to base. Another great job done.