Tuesday 22nd June 2021. Hog Roast In Satterthwaite, Lakes

Tuesday the 22nd June 2021 found Country Hog Roast in the form of John & Steve in Satterthwaite in the Lake District. A last minute request came into the office on Monday 5pm for a hog to be served on the Tuesday at 9pm! The hog was for the set of a Sky tv show yet to be aired and was the final nights filming, a treat to the production team and the stars of the show.

The team arrived on the secret location of set and passed through security at 8pm. The serve time was put back to 9:30pm. Then after a series of filming setbacks the final serve time was 2am!

The request was for the hog roast to be set up alongside the salads and left for the stars of the show to pull and pick at them selves whilst being filmed. 

John and Steve took cover out of the way of the cameras and could here the stars remarks about the food. To say it was going down well would be a massive understatement. It was absolutely loved!

After finishing the filming around 3am the production crew and John & Steve were invited to have some late night hog roast and salads!

It was a very different event to normal but was loved by John & Steve. A truly exciting event. Once the show is aired, we will update the blog with the name of the show.

After a quick pack up in the woods, the journey began back to base with the team arriving back around 5am!

A very satisfying event to have done, especially with the last minute notice.