Hog Roast For Buckingham Group

The Buckingham Group Training Day

A midweek hog roast in Manchester was provided for the Buckingham Group. We arrived on site at 10:15am on the 29th April 2021 for a 12pm serve. After quickly finding our set up spot we were set up and had the apple sauce cooking within 10 minutes. The smell of the hog & apple sauce was just delicious and many a mouths were watering on site.

The occasion was a health and safety training day, with attendees travelling from all over the country. It certainly looked like a very organised event.

We were asked if we could bring service forward to 11:45 which was not a problem, we were also advised the numbers we higher than anticipated, which again was no problem. We always take more than enough food to events.

So at 11:45am we were carving and serving the hog. The hog roast menu in Bradford, the town in Manchester not the Yorkshire city was our Bronze menu. Hog roast served into fresh bread rolls, home made sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce and a delightful crackling.

The trainees absolutely loved the food on offer. The numbers were not a problem and although higher than anticipated quite a few managed 3 sandwiches!

A couple of standard requests were dealt with such as “can I take the hogs ears home for the dog” and then we were packing down and left site around 1:30pm.

Another great hog roast provided for some very lucky trainees, thanks obviously to what must be a very thoughtful company in the Buckingham Group to provide such a feast.

Cook record Shoulder 92°/89° Loin 99°/102° Leg 97°/99°