hog roast york

Private Party In York

A brilliant event took place in York over the weekend. A private party for a Lord was a joy to be part of. Our team arrived at 2pm for a 4pm serve. The chosen menu was the Silver menu. Hog roast with salads for 21 guests and a Brian the German Shepherd! The setting was just absolutely marvellous, certainly worthy of a Lord.

The atmosphere was very relaxing and social. Guests were served at exactly 4pm and casually helped them selves to the spoils. The hog roast went down extremely well. We cater a lot of hog roast York parties, it’s one of our most enjoyable places to cater that is for sure. Around 6pm our team started to slowly clear away before bidding farewell and heading home for a well deserved rest. A busy week it certainly was.

We notice the Lord has left a google review with the promise of an email to follow, we cannot wait for that. We always appreciate nice google reviews, its rare people take time to leave the google review but it is definitely nice when they do. Hog roast York, brilliant.

Lord Watson’s Review

Thank you for the splendid catering you provided for our family on Sunday. We really appreciate the efforts you made. I currently in the process of forwarding an email I received from a close friend who attended. You may use the email as a recommendation anywhere you would like to.

Lord Watson, York.

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