hog roast scarcroft

Saturday 19th June 2021. Silver Menu In Scarcroft, Leeds

Saturday the 19th June in the amazing place of scarcroft was where Christine & Steven could be found serving the Silver menu. The event was Tonys’ Birthday party. Around 30 guests arrived for an event that had to be cut down from the normal yearly gathering of 100. Some of the guests were rugby gods, to name a couple none other than Jamie Peacock and Danny Mcguire who posed for a quick snap for the blog!Both were absolute gents.

The serve time was Brought forward slightly from a 5:30pm serve time to a 5pm serve. With the salad being laid out and the hog up to temperature service duly started. It was a very casual service that last for over 2 hours with guests casually grazing on the food whilst taking in the talent of the hired singer. Absolutely fantastic voice. Apparently Tony and Fiona had spotted her busking in Leeds and invited her to the event. An amazing voice and great choice of songs!

Fiona made us feel very welcome and spent around 20 minutes chatting horses with Christine whilst Steven took hold of the serving tongues!

At around 7pm service and around 40 portions of food being served the remaining hog and salads were left with Fiona for them to enjoy later in the evening.

The pack up started and around 8pm the duo were back on the road to base. We would like to thank Tony and Fiona for choosing us to be his caterers for the day in what were truly wonderful settings.