Thursday 24th June 2021. BBQ In Daventry

Thursday the 24th Of June was the date Ingram Micro treated their workers to our fantastic Gold menu. The menu is our BBQ which included the brilliant butchers burgers, Chicken cheese and chilli seek kebabs, extra large specially made sausages and some quite divine Chinese ribs. All accompanied with salads.

Our team arrived on site in Daventry at 7am ready for a 9am serve time. The catered event was a huge thank you for all the hard work the staff had injected through what proved to be very difficult times for most. 

Angela who had booked the event was on hand to give the serving structure. 300 guests were fed in time slots from 9am through to 2pm.

The event proved a great success and hope we hope to one day return to Daventry for perhaps more hog roast or BBQ catering.

hog roast Daventry
hog roast Daventry