Saturday 19th June 2021. Silver Menu In Scarcroft, Leeds Saturday the 19th June in the amazing place of scarcroft was where Christine & Steven could be found serving the Silver menu. The event was Tonys’ Birthday party. Around 30 guests … Read more

Saturday 19th June 2021 – Silver Menu In Makerfield, Wigan Saturday the 20th June found our head chef Darren aka Rhino in Makerfield, Wigan. The event, a 40th Birthday Party for Keiron organised by Dawn & Gail. Darren had a … Read more

18th June 2021 – Gold Menu In Woodford, Cheshire Friday the 18th June found the likely duo of John & Steve in the lovely area of Woodford. A BBQ was the order of the day for Tony and his close … Read more

Gold Menu- Hog & BBQ In Woolton, Liverpool Saturday the 12th of June found John and Steve in the lovely area that is Woolton, Liverpool. We were booked by Nadine for her husbands Chris’ 60th Birthday party. We were warned … Read more

Gold Menu-Hog & BBQ In Bolton The 5th Of June 2021 found John & Steve in Bolton providing the hog in tandem with the BBQ. The event was a surprise 60th for Wayne. Booked by his daughter Toni and her … Read more

Gold Menu In Windermere Our stop on Sunday the 30th of May was Windermere. Matthew had booked us explaining his wedding had been put on hold due to covid and in turn the hotel booked to celebrate the wedding would … Read more

Hog Roast Silver Menu In Carlisle: Carlisle was our stop today, just 8 miles from the infamous Gretna! We met the pleasant Hamish on our arrival, 2 hours before the intended hog roast serve time. The planned menu was the … Read more

Hog Roast Silver Menu In Yanwath Country Hog Roast had the pleasure of providing the hog roast Silver menu for Louis and Kerrie at Louis’ parents’ house in Yanwath near Penrith for 20 guests. The special occasion was the pre … Read more

The Buckingham Group Training Day

A midweek hog roast in Manchester was provided for the Buckingham Group. We arrived on site at 10:15am on the 29th April 2021 for a 12pm serve. After quickly finding our set up spot we were set up and had … Read more

Private Party In York

A brilliant event took place in York over the weekend. A private party for a Lord was a joy to be part of. Our team arrived at 2pm for a 4pm serve. The chosen menu was the Silver menu. Hog … Read more