hog roast makerfield

Saturday 19th June 2021 - Silver Menu In Makerfield, Wigan

Saturday the 20th June found our head chef Darren aka Rhino in Makerfield, Wigan. The event, a 40th Birthday Party for Keiron organised by Dawn & Gail. Darren had a 4pm serve time to work with and arrived in good time at around 2pm. After introducing himself to the hosts he quickly got the hog roast underway. Setting up in the lovely garden a 4.5 metre gazebo and serving tables were erected and he soon had it looking perfect. The menu chosen was the hog roast silver menu. The hog which was served alongside numerous freshly made salads & a home made sage & onion stuffing.

The sage and onion stuffing was mixed with the hogs juices and set slowly roasting alongside the full hog roast. The aromas were quite spectacular, many comments could be heard saying just so.

The hosts were lovely with Darren and kept him well hydrated all day with a mix of soft drinks by the hosts.

The party was soon well under way. Made up of family and friends the atmosphere was extremely pleasant.

The children had the spoils of a hot tub to laze in for the afternoon and were taking advantage of it all through out the day. The adults of the event preferring the splash of wine and beer rather than the splash of the hot tub as the atmosphere was electric.

The hog was served at precisely 4pm after the green light from the temperature gauge, which showed the hog reaching well over 80 degrees.

The hog was proving to be the absolute star of the show with guests soon coming back for seconds and commentating on the tenderness of the pork & the crisp of the crackling.

Darren really enjoyed the event and found the whole party to be really pleasant. At 6:30 pm Darren was saying his fair wells as he headed back to base after another super event. These are the sort of events that really make us appreciate the job we do. Just fantastic