hog roast Woodford

18th June 2021 - Gold Menu In Woodford, Cheshire

Friday the 18th June found the likely duo of John & Steve in the lovely area of Woodford. A BBQ was the order of the day for Tony and his close family. The occasion, a get together to roar England to victory over the mighty Scotland! On our arrival Tony informed us a few guests couldn’t make the event but rather than cancel he decided to keep to event live to help support business in testing times. We were extremely grateful of such a kind and thoughtful act, thank you very much Tony.

The BBQ was planned to open at 7pm, allowing guests to eat and in turn have a uninterrupted first half of fantastic flowing football, or maybe not, as the case may have been, before having a refill at half time.

The menu was the fantastic home made Chicken, cheese & chilli kebabs, Long thick pork sausages, ribs marinated overnight in a Chinese rub and some really nice burgers with option of Monterey Jack melted cheese. Along side the grill was a selections of salads and sauces.

Plenty of nice comments about the food were received, with one guest joining the party and whilst walking past, commenting, and we quote “what a brilliant looking BBQ”.

It is always satisfying receiving such comments. We really do try and make sure the set up is crisp and clean, whilst providing excellent quality of food.

To the side of the BBQ was the rodeo bull boys who hadn’t eaten all day and also joined in with the family in enjoying the offerings of the BBQ.

Cometh half time and cometh country hog roast, and food was served to lift the spirits after a rather “drab” first half from England.

With the whistle being heard to get the second half underway the BBQ was taken down and slowly loaded into the van.

As the road was about to be hit, the final whistle blew, 0-0, what a dissapointing result from Englands perspective. The guests however had a fantastic rodeo bull to take away the disappointing football and some friendly competition was in place on the bull. It was great to watch with some real laugh out loud moments.

On the departure Tony had arranged for a tip of £40 to be given to John & Steve, which was just an incredibly generous gesture. Thank you again Tony.

The boys headed home ready for a turn around for Saturdays events in Wigan, Burnley & Leeds.