hog roast liverpool

Gold Menu- Hog & BBQ In Woolton, Liverpool

Saturday the 12th of June found John and Steve in the lovely area that is Woolton, Liverpool. We were booked by Nadine for her husbands Chris’ 60th Birthday party. We were warned by Christine that Nadine was absolutely lovely before we arrived, she did not disappoint! Such a friendly warm group of people. 4:30pm was the agreed serve time. The usual checks were done just before service and the hog was registering 90 degrees and the green light was given.

The guests had the choice of Chicken skewered with peppers & tomatoes marinated in a steak house sauce, cheeseburgers, pork sausages, marinated chinese ribs, chicken, cheese & chilli kebabs from the BBQ. The hog roast with stuffing and apple sauce. Vegan burgers, halloumi skewers and vegetarian sausages. All served with salads consisting of green leaf, coleslaw, tomato & mozzarella. 

Although a lot of the guests were quite local a few had travelled from London & Blackburn to join in the celebration. Chris was soon up for his fill and it was extracted from him that he worked in technology, although not giving away exactly what he did, John’s guess was Dyson, but the laughter probably suggested it wasn’t such a good guess!

A thanks goes to chaz who kept John & Steve refreshed all day with diet cokes, it was really needed and very much appreciated, thank you chaz!

They was some lovely dogs around for the day in Dougie & Tilly who were also spoilt to the BBQ with Nadine handing a pack of really nice butchers sausages to cook on the BBQ. 

The service lasted around 2 and a 1/2 hours with the remaining food being left behind for the hosts to enjoy later in the evening. Again advice was given for safe storage of the food to satisfy food hygiene regs. In exchange we were treated to some of Chris’ birthday cake and some amazing cup cakes and chocolates. Such a nice gesture. Another very enjoyable job was wrapped up at 7:30pm and after saying our goodbyes to the guests and the lovely Chris & Nadine, the journey back to base started just after 8pm. Another really nice event for some brilliant people was complete.