hog roast bolton

Gold Menu-Hog & BBQ In Bolton

The 5th Of June 2021 found John & Steve in Bolton providing the hog in tandem with the BBQ. The event was a surprise 60th for Wayne. Booked by his daughter Toni and her husband Mark. There was a slight problem in getting Wayne to the event on time as he had chosen to go to work for the morning. However a quick call from his wife soon did the trick and service was delayed 20 minutes until he arrived. 

The gathering of around 25 family members and close friends really did take Wayne by surprise. He looked absolutely thrilled at what had been arranged for him.

The pig was checked for temperature as well as the BBQ items and the green light was given for service to begin at 1:45pm.

First up was Kane who explained he was on a diet so just a chilli, cheese & chicken kebab would be sufficient for him. Kane was then seen throughout the afternoon at the service point at least 7 times, I think the diet was going to be put on hold until Monday!

The food was going down really well with the guests and we had plenty of really nice comments  made towards our team. 

Mark and his wife Toni who’s house was used for the event were exceptionally nice and looked after Steve & John all afternoon with cold soft drinks. Much appreciated with the sun beating down adding to the heat of the BBQ.

Service was finished around 3:15pm and the remaining meat was left with Mark & Toni for later. Advice was given for safe storage of the meat.

The pack down then began. Whilst packing down, Wayne thanked us for what he called some fantastic food. He also let us know what Mark and Toni had bought him for his Birthday. It was certainly a wow present and proved just how generous they both were. Just absolutely fantastic.

Our goodbyes were said to Mark, Wayne and guests and the drive back to base was started. A really super afternoon in glorious settings.