bbq windermere

Gold Menu In Windermere

Our stop on Sunday the 30th of May was Windermere. Matthew had booked us explaining his wedding had been put on hold due to covid and in turn the hotel booked to celebrate the wedding would not reimburse him. So rather than not use the booking, a 3 day drinking event instead was arranged for family and friends. He had chosen our Gold menu as the catering option for 15 lucky guests.

John & Steve arrived on site at the fantastic Bannerrigg house at 1:15pm for a 3pm serve time. The serve was asked to be delayed by Matthew which was no problem and a revised 3:30pm serve time was agreed.

Although the area was compact, the friendless of the guests, the choice of music and the idyllic location meant for an excellent atmosphere. A really lovely spot.

The set up was swift and soon enough the food was hitting the BBQ. At exactly 3:30pm the food was temperature checked, the green light was given. The salads were presented and service began.

First up was the Financial advisor Darren who at first passed on the chicken, cheese & chilli kebabs. He explained he was not a fan of cheese, however a gentle persuasion to try a little led to him having four!

The BBQ was run in a very relaxed manner with the guests grazing for around an hour and half before the demand was gone. The food was then plated and left in the kitchen of the house for Matthews guests to enjoy later. We advised on how to correctly store the food, as we always do, to ensure the remaining food was safe to eat in the evening.

After a methodical pack down we said our goodbyes to Matthew who said he had throughly enjoyed the food and thanked us for the spread! 

Another excellent event covered by Country Hog Roast and a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Thank you for the catering today. The food was excellent, all the guests really enjoyed it. Thank you again.
Matthew Eckersley